Which is the safe way to create doctype and why

hello everyone i hope you are good.i just want you to let me know both methods are safe or not for creating doctype.1. i am just creating a new custom doctype bydefault it is custom, and storing some data in it. 2.and the other method i see is to switch to developer mode ,create custsom doctype and track changes or commit channges through git.
Can anyone tell me what is the disadvantage of first method and purpose of second method?

pls let me know ,
thank you : )

Hi @makwinraj,

Method 1: Creating a custom doctype directly in ERPNext:

  • Quick and easy way to create a custom doctype and store data.
  • Suitable for simple customizations.
  • Disadvantages: Limited version control, difficult collaboration, and lack of development best practices.

Method 2: Switching to developer mode and using Git:

  • Provides version control and change tracking capabilities.
  • Enables collaboration among multiple developers.
  • Encourages adherence to development best practices.
  • Recommended for complex customizations and long-term projects.

In summary, Method 1 is quick but lacks version control and collaboration features. Method 2, using developer mode and Git, offers better control, collaboration, and adherence to best practices.

I hope this helps.
Thank You!