Which items missing description

Hi All,
I get this email every day. I can’t find where the email was generated, or a more useful output or log. I can’t find any report or download or menu item that will allow me to see ALL items WITH their descriptions, so I can’t find these 4 items that don’t have a description. The email is preventing my normal auto-reorder emails from being generated (I think). Could someone please help me with one of two possible solutions: finding a log behind this error email, or finding a list or report with all items and their descriptions?

Thank you!

Type “Notifications” in awesome bar.

Thanks for the response! I tried that, but can’t figure exactly how it could help me. It brings up “Notification Control” and “Email Account Notifications”, but neither has a record of these emails that are sent to me. Could you please offer some more detail?

You can go to Report Builder and pick columns ID and Description. In Add Filter, Set condition to Description LIKE '' (Keep the last one blank) and you should be able to find all the items with no description.

In case you want to avoid this problem with new Items, that will be created in the future, you can Customize Item and set Description field’s default value to the Item Name. Later it can be changed to your liking.

Thank you. Finding the “Report Builder” from the Item page was the key. I didn’t try filtering by Description, but I added Description as a column and scrolled until I found the missing entries. Should be all solved now. Thanks again.

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