Which one is harder to develop apps on, Odoo vs ERPNext?

I’m looking for a long-term free ERP solution and shortlisted my choices to Odoo (free community version) & ERPNext. I have multiple separate uses for them, one is for a personal business use and second is for base backend systems for custom mobile apps, like taxi mobile app software, or restaurant mobile app software. I want to work with only 1 ERP system to make life easier.

  1. Would it be possible to develop something like a taxi company backend on odoo/erpnext? I saw both have API integrations. How about scalability?
  2. Which one is harder to develop custom apps on, to adapt ERP to specific domain solution, Odoo vs ERPNext?

p. s. please be objective

I prefer ERPNext because it is not sample-ware like Odoo.
A Taxi Company can be supported by ERPNext.
ERPNext stands on Frappe which allows it to adapt to specific domains. like taxi.

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I don’t know if Odoo has framework platform behind it.
But ERPNext has frappe as the framework. So on top of frappe you can build any webapp/backend you want, not even necessary to use ERPNext.
That being said, integrate custom app with ERPNext is not difficult.


I used both Erpnext and Odoo
and both serve you well with your business case and its API is great.

but in my opinion, If you want to use ERP for your application be sure to take fully open-source ERP that can help you with your BC.
odoo is partially open-source with its community edition especially in accounting
otherwise, Erpnext is fully open source.

about develop custom apps

odoo is easier in developing custom apps and customizing its interface especially with odoo studio in enterprise edition.

otherwise, Erpnext is some who different in its concepts, methods, and constraints with designing but at the same time give you the power for fast development apps with rich features included with doctype meta data architecture.

both serve you well as backend system but if you need erp features serve your application then Erpnext is your best choice.

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