Which one should i choose Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS vs Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS

Hello Guys, I’m a noob in terms of ERPNext Deployment. I wanted a suggestion from you guys about the OS I’m going to use. I have a build a local server with good configuration,
Should I install Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS or Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS on that server?

Thanks in advance.

Ubuntu Server

Thanks, Joseph. I have one more query is ERPNext 13.1.0 a stable release ?? I tried to search it but I’m confused

I do not know how to answer this. Frappe / ERPNext is great - especially if you know javascript, python, html, css, and understand json. When you need to understand something, you dive into the code. If there are bugs, you may correct them and submit to Frappe team. That’s the advantage of opensource.

But it can be obtuse to newbies.

I mean, I have coding ability, so I may say Frappe / ERPNext is great. It gives me a ready to go ERP system which I can customize quickly to the User’s specification. Setup is quick. But this is probably because I understand code.

When it comes to pure Users with no coding ability, there may be some hurdles, hopefully not too high. I do not have this mindset, this is why I hesitate to answer a straight Yes or No.

One advantage that Frappe / ERPNext has over other open source ERP system is that it has a dedicated Company led by RMehta who is committed to delivering quality code, and actively updating and revising the code, and very committed to open source.

Again thanks for the clarification… can I ask you one more question?
What path should I follow to be comfortable with ERPNext?
I am pretty noob with JS or Python Frameworks in general. I know a little HTML and CSS

For a business user, the best way to go is to get a subscription for ERPNext on the cloud, serviced by Frappe’s team itself. It is affordable.

For a developer user, it is good to read the materials supplied on the web (ERPNext, Frappe Framework), there is also a Youtube channel by ERPNext

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