Which trigger get fired, when we edit a row in a child table? [SOLVED]

Is there any trigger which get fired when we click on the right hand side of a child table to edit a row?

Ruchin Sharma

I don’t think there is such a trigger.
Can you explain what you are trying to do?

Actually, I have select box in a child table.
Fields in the child table are:
Item Code (Link to Item Table
Item Name(Data)
Description (Text Editor)
Alternate Item (Select without any option) which is a child table in Item DocType

Item DocType Table:

Which says 940-001037 and 940-001038 are the alternate items for 940-001039.

Now, I have another table in Sales Order in which I am filling items via a item select from another table.
Based on that items get filled in the Sales Order Item Table.

Now, what I want is, when there is an item in the Sales Order Item 940-001039 and I edit that row by clicking on right hand side of the row, the Alternate Item select box get automatically filled via the code I am using, it getting filled by selecting a radio button twice but I want that, it should automatically be filled when I edit the row.

Ruchin Sharma

Here is the Answer of my own question:

frappe.ui.form.on("Child Table Name", "form_render", function(frm, cdt, cdn){

Ruchin Sharma