While bench update it shows the error

First I have pull master form Git hub after editing the code and do bench update. It shows the error(subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘git pull upstream master’ returned non-zero exit status 1). I have gone through the forum solution but its not in use. Please send me the solution ASAP.

Seems like you have made some changes in code directly by logging into server. Can you pls try:

cd apps/frappe
git reset --hard
cd -
cd apps/erpnext
git reset --hard
cd -
bench switch-to-master
bench update

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HI @sunilsrikumar Thanks for your reply
when i do this above steps again i am getting the same error. please clear my error.

Hi any one can please help on this ticket.

@Dhamu this is not a “ticket”. If you want paid support, please subscribe to one of our plans at ERPNext Pricing 2022 or hire a free lancer.

Seems like either your server is not connected to the web or you have an app with a broken app link.