While Installing India Compliance in Version 15 getting Error?

While installing the India Compliance we are getting this error? Screenshot is attached below?

To install india_compliance v16 or the develop branch, ensure that you are using ERPNext v15 and Frappe v15. If you are using versions older than v15, you can install versions of india_compliance that are less than v16

Hi @Kamal_Solanki,

If you’ve installed Frappe/ERPNext in version 15, make sure the india compliance is also in version 15 to prevent errors.

If the india compliance is in the development branch, switch to it:

bench switch-to-branch version-15 india_compliance

If you’ve uninstalled or installed the app, do this:

bench get-app --branch version-15 https://github.com/resilient-tech/india-compliance.git

This is because the india compliance app has a version 15 branch.

I hope this is clear and helpful.

Still the Error is same.

what error show?

Same error.


bench switch-to-develop

Please check it.

Your erpnext version is 15.18.3 so you have to update the frappe/erpnext.