While reset the password

while reset the password of user, i m getting error. error screen short are attached below, please help me.

Which version are you on?

version: 7.0.34. and i didnot edit any file @shreya115

I am afraid any help could be provided on the version you mentioned as its pretty old. You should rather update it to the latest version?

Thanks @shreya115, but hope it wont affect my present feature

Hope you created it using custom doctypes and custom scripts! :thinking:

nop, i have not used custom doctype and scripts

So the only option you have is to store your current .js files somewhere outside the apps folder as you will need that code in custom scripts because those files will be wiped out during the update.

Update to the latest version and make your feature using custom doctypes and custom scripts.

Thanks @shreya115, for you command, i solved by installing the zxcvbn version 1.0.

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