White Background after fresh install


I’ve just done a fresh-install to my local ubuntu server, everything run well. When login, the background is white. No errors appeared! What happened to the background?


Try run bench build

Tried bench build. still having white background

Any ideas?

Go to Profile Menu → My Settings → Remove Background Image and save the Profile.

Reload the system and check.

@nabinhait, there’s no background image there. I tried to upload own image, it appeared as background then I removed it then it went back to white.

Where’s default background image?


Did you saved the user after removing the background link?

Yes. Do you mean by default there should be background link? In my installation, no default link exists.

No, by default background link does not exist.

The issue still persists…

Just done fresh install…white background after install… Where is default background image?


I have the same problem, it is quite inconvenient for new users. Is there a way to set background image by default for all users? Like a company featured background?