White background color change

How can we change the backgroud-color from

to this or any color the user selects … as few are complaining that the White is hurting their eyes …

I know this is on Desk.min
body {
background-color: #fffce7
But would be great to have it available for the user so he can select or change …

Everything will be great if its available for user to change, but then guess what: you will end up with a product with a million configurations that you need to change, and you will be scared and confused just looking at the setting.

Beauty is in simplicity.

and If you want to change the theme of your installation, you can easily create an app and put you CSS files in hooks, and you will be good to go. Check similar approaches here

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I might agree with you but this case if not a matter of beauty … but that the users/retails sales have to work on environments that due to the Sun the screen is too light + the white on the background …
By adding few tweaks (HSE perspective) * you are protecting your users from have headache or eye-ache due to brightness or colors.
I have been reading those approaches and i have even tried one but the problem is that those are new Themes that you still need to install as an APP and for you to switch from one Theme (custom) to the Standard ERPNext you have to uninstall … which on production Servers or heavy users is not the best approach.

  • Health, Safety and Environment
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For now, Frappe does not support theming out of the box. Your only option for now its to put you CSS file in the hook of custom app, or edit the core directly which highly discouraged and will break updates

If you are developer you can implement app theme module similar to website theme.
In website option is available to change background colour, font colour.

Sure … i know …
Just trying to see if someone had done already mainly for this part of the background color and not the hole app or Themes.

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@Helio_Jesus you can easily override css in Custom APP.

If you make Desk Theme module similar to website theme then non developer can change colour, font and font size.

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Will give a shot …

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