Who can answer on this questions on behalf of Frappe

I went through this blog

then I asked questions but did not get any answer, can you help and give your feedback thoughts?


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Only one fork is alive DOKOS.IO to my knowledge, of course fork is a solution but I do not have required resource and energy to manage it, it’s not easy solution, also very soon you will miss the train of frappe updates since it’s running at 800 km/h.

Yes, maintaining a code base is extremely resource intensive. That’s the important point.

If you’re not able to do that, your options are to (a) build your functionality into an app, or (b) hire Frappe to do it for you.

Actually what I am looking for is something like an annual support contract with Frappe, they do it now with minimum fees of 6000 USD which is relatively high price. Which will cover bug fix, enhancements, functional support, performance tuning and so on.

Almost every customization can be achieved through a custom app. It’s only very rare case when you need to change the core code,

That sounds like the obvious answer to your question in the original post. If you can’t do it yourself, and if you’re not willing to pay for it, I’m not sure what else there is to say.


I agree with you @peterg

It should be obvious to everyone that a complex solution like ERPNext cannot be free like free beer.

There is always a cost attached somehow somewhere. And the more complicated your needs, the higher the cost to solve it.

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@nmami First in the subject, I presume you meant “behalf” and not “behave of Frappe”. I edited it )

As Peter and Olamide rightly said, and we keep iterating, the service which requires additional time will be billed extra. That’s the only revenue model Frappe Tech. has (part from hosting), which help us fund back the maintenance and development of new features.

Recently, Frappe partners have been able to successfully pitch and bundle Frappe Service in their very quotation. With OEMs in picture, you can have lots of weight and scope for quoting ) We as a company also ensure that partner benefitted from commission + implementation services. Do write to me if you want to learn more about partnership opportunities. (umair@frappe.io)

Lastly, if you just want product support with FrappeCloud Hosting, you can suggest customer to subscribe to Product Warranty plan, which is pretty cost effective.

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Discussion has deviated, I am not talking about money charged by Frappe it’s 100% legitim.

As non frappe service provider how you will deal with this point happen with SELCO project if you face the same:

"On the customization front, the team came up with a feature called “Goods-in-Transit”. Being a mix of service and product industry, SELCO was unable to track the goods in transit moving from one Warehouse to another. If they were transferring goods from one location to another, they could track it in one entry system, whereas the system should ideally reflect two entries, source location, and destination. This feature helped them track the goods efficiently.
Since Frappe are owner and maintainer it’s very easy for them to design and implement new feature, do community has same mechanism to add such feature? if yes how and how much it will take time?

Nice to know about Product Warranty plan thank you @umair.


The answer to that question is yes. You have the source code, so you can add whatever features you want.

But I don’t think that’s what you’re really asking. What you’re really asking, I think, is whether you can make the Frappe maintainers add the feature you want. The answer to that question is no, not without paying them.