Who Creates a Work Order and Who creates A Delivery Note?

Hello community and functional experts,

I have been using ERPNext as a single user for testing and learning. Everything went fine. Now, I cannot get how the flow works in case there is a team and each team member handles a process.

For example, the Sales person creates a Sales Order. Then, how the Production person (Who is in a different location) will know about this sale and proceed with the Work Order?

Should the Sales person create a Work Order? If yes, how they will let the Production team know about the Work Order?

The same applies for a Delivery Note. When the production is finished. How the Logistics person will get to know about a pending delivery?

I know about the Assignment rule. The issue with assignment rule is that it creates an item in To Do, which should not be like that.

Thank you!

In my experience, the Sales people create a Work Order, and leaves it as a draft document. The production people then look at the draft, and submit and process.

Thank you @abidomar for your reply.

Yes, I believe it is like that. I just saw how things are done in Odoo. In Odoo, when the Sales Order is confirmed (submitted), the Work Order got created automatically for the production team to process.