Who deleted my project?

I have two accounts.
first is A@qq.com, second is B@qq.com;

A Add Project “P1”
B Delete P1
and in Deleted Document List, what can i find is : modified by A@qq.com

B Add Project “P2”
A Delete P2
and in Deleted Document List, what can i find is : modified by B@qq.com

But why?
then how can i figure it out : who deleted my project secretly?
i used to expect every secret operation(especially somehow dangerous operations could be exposed in Deleted Document.
where could i find what i want?

my environment is:
#### Installed Apps
ERPNext: v15.26.0 (version-15)
Frappe Framework: v15.29.0 (version-15)

my screenshot are:

1811783168@qq.com is not exactlly right person who deleted my project.]

any response is appreciated!

Projects with delete rights can be deleted, so go to role permissions and check who has delete rights on the project, if you want to remove it, remove it from the user role and then check.

if we have more than 50 employees that are able to delete project.
then how to know which one is currently i need to remove him or her from my user list.

and you mean:
deleted document is not able to show the “the docment deleted guy”,right?

If you have 50 employees check their roles if all have different roles then check who have the delete permission and remove it, so that they won’t be able to delete the project.
Also if you go down to the activity log where it says modified by: user just click on it you will get the detailed info.
and yes if the guy don’t have delete permission he won’t be able to see that either.

project A has been deleted.
i do not who did it.
50+ guys have deleted permission

now if you are me, how to figure it out that who is “the document deleted guy”?
what i require is: do not remove all 50 guys` permission, because this cost too much.

ceo have the delete permission too.

The person created the deleted document is the person who deleted the project/document

in the above image - rahul is the one who deleted the project



Check the user who creates the “Deleted document”.

Hope this helps.