Who maintains ERPNext/Foundation on Github?

There are a lot of pull requests open for Pull requests · erpnext/foundation · GitHub
on Github. I am unsure if my contributions help. Who maintains this? How often is this checked normally?

I can merge pull request on Pull requests · erpnext/foundation · GitHub

However I need to test it locally then I can merge.

You can send pull request link which you want to merge.

Edit: Documentation bugs I can merge easily.

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@Martin_Seibert Welcome to Open Source!

16 is a very very small number of open pulls. As you can see 6,235 PRs are closed (I would say 90%+ have been merged)

A comparable project (Odoo) Pull requests · odoo/odoo · GitHub has 900+ Open PRs, so I think ERPNext might be one of the most contributor friendly project out there.

Primary maintainer for ERPNext is @nabinhait and supported by many others.

I most projects, maintainers have a completely different hierarchy that is based on meritocracy and they can belong from any organisation. ERPNext won’t be any different.

Edit: Sorry did not realize you were asking for foundation pulls. The docs have been moved to foundation only recently, and is also open for maintenance. Generally you should allow for a few days for PRs to be merged.

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@Martin_Seibert Thanks for the fixes. Made you a moderator for foundation :slight_smile: You can now merge your own fixes… or directly commit on GitHub


Danke, danke.