Who uses bitnami erpnext? What are the differences with erpnext virtualbox VM?

I am using bitnami erpnext because it is very easy to deploy on vps.
But I saw that there were differences with ‘standard’ erpnext, like the erpnext deployed in virtualbox vm.
One thing is that bitnami uses apache instead of nginx (why?).
Another is that the standard login credentials are different. The standard user is called ‘bitnami’ instead of ‘frappe’, etc.
I guess there are many more differences?

One consequence of this, is that I was not able to install plugins for paypal, shopify etc, probably a permissions issue?

Anyway who uses bitnami erpnext? What are the differences with erpnext virtualbox VM? Wat needs to be done so it plays nice with frappe/erpnext?

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Frappe / ERPNext install is pretty simple on an empty VM. There is no special reason to use bitnami.

Well I try to install erpnext on an empty ubuntu 16.04 vps, but I cannot get it working for some reason :pensive:

see Bench start ok, but dev website won't load, which ports to use? - #12 by pee

I would tend to disagree with the first part — there are frequent reports of install problems in this forum. I for one get errors popping up all the time, have had to reinstall several times…

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I agree. For the past 48 hrs i deployed the Bitnami ERPNext both on Google Cloud and downloaded the OVA VM (local). Issues are clearly there regarding permissions, and specifically bench cannot restart due to supervisor not being installed although i followed a guide but could not get it working. I am starting to lean towards installing it freshly, instead unless someone has some priceless advice I could use.