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So glad to have found ERPNext! I’m using the hosted version, have my item and price lists uploaded and some sales forms customized already! But, I am wondering about how to proceed to allow our wholesale customers to order from what we in the industry call “Order Guides”. Basically, I want to find a way to allow each specific customer to see a list of the items they order frequently and easily add qty info to the list.

Like this:

It just has to be super simple and fast for customers to order from a set list, plus the ability for them to search the other products in the catalog that they might not normally order would be great as well!

Has anyone done anything like this? Or are you a dev that would take this on? (I assume that a dev can work with the hosted version, yes?)

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And here is what it currently looks like (in our current system) when you tap on that “Bread Texas 18Sl” line…

(since i could only post one image per post)

@Brant_Walsh, maybe the shopping cart can solve it to you!

Do you enable the items in the website, and create a Website User for these customer, and they are able to place your own orders by the web.

Sure, but how do I enable the quick order lists instead of having them browse or search through 3500 products? I am investigating Shopify integration with a couple of Shopify plugins (wholesaler and quick order) to see if that would work.

@Brant_Walsh from 3500, everything is unique? Do you dont have variants?


We have ~3288 items currently, and are bringing more on. The only variants could be when we “break Cases”, but I am not sure that is what I want to do with broken cases. We’re food distributors - there are ~50 different kinds of just frozen french fries, for example. All different prices. Not to mention that all the meats and produce items, the price changes almost every time we order it from a supplier.

But again… when “Customer A” logs in - we want to show them the ~50 items they order all the time, with easy ways to say 8x Bread, 4x Steak, 12x Cups etc.

@Brant_Walsh, Customer trending information is not in the box yet!

Maybe a developer can help you, with this customization for the Customer Portal.

Thanks Max,

I don’t even need any auto logic, we know what a restaurant orders, we can create the list manually - just need a quick way for them to send us the order!

@Brant_Walsh, the quick way in the box today is the Shopping Cart!

I cant see another way more quick than it!

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@Brant_Walsh you may want to post this on the job board https://community.erpnext.com/jobs