Why 0 cannot be an acceptable value?

Good day all,
I am working on child table in which I have field set a int.
If i go on the doctype, and try to input 0 as a value, it does not let me do that. It just erases the 0 and leave the field blank.
Same happen if I use float as field type.
For some reason, it lets you have 0% if you choose percentage as a field type.

Is there reason why 0 cannot be a value?
Is there a way around it?
I would really like to use 0 as an integer or float.

This bug on github seem related.


So indeed, if I remove the mandatory, I can enter 0 as a float or integer. If I put the field as mandatory I cannot enter 0.
Very strange!!
For sure I can not be the only one with that issue. Nobody is entering 0s? :wink:

@f_deryckel Have you sorted out this issue.

Entering 0 is not accepted if the field is mandatory and fieldtype is float.

Nope I had to deal with non-mandatory field .

This wasn’t the case a few months back, perhaps something changed? I had to make this non-mandatory then use custom validation.

Actually setting the default value to 0 would be an alternative way around this issue.