Why a limit of 500 rows in Auto Email Report?

In our case we enter thousands of records everyday. All these records needs to be sent to the supervisors email as attached xlsx. How can we send the complete report?

Am asking the same question. ERPNext need to implement a more robust business rule with features. We know one size can’t fit all so there is no way ERPNext can may all the rule work one way. If ERPNext is making as low code application. The solution is creating business rule that allow business to change the rule, in this case you want more that 500 you increase it 3000. But that not the case ERPNet is making the rule and coding the rule one way.

Am also asking for the same, ERPNEXT should have atleast 10000 rows for auto email features

I would bet it has more to do with the performance of the email report itself than the arbitrary limit. In the background frappe does not play well when it has to wait for something for very long.

Just my opinion.