Why Administrator cant print a DocType

I’m trying to build a custom print format to DocType, to improve our internal documentations, but the administrator, or anyone user is able to print a doctype!

Please check that respective doctype have print permission or not .

@priya_s, yes the doctype have, but anyone user is able to print it!

You mean to say…excepting Administrator user other users are able to print it…
Which doctype related issue, can you provide doctype name?

@priya_s, I’m meaning that in the system, with permissions, if you go to “DocType List > Item” and click on print you will receive a message “You are not allowed to print this document”, any use can print this!

@rmehta, @anand, can you reproduce?

Maybe the administrator user does not have the role that had print enabled.

@anand, no!

See, I’m in trying to print a “DocType Record”, eg: “DocType Item”, “DocType Sales Order”, and not the Sales Order Record, Item Record.

For all doctypes, when I click in the print option, I receive a message that I’m unable to print! But I can print the PDF by the URL