Why am I getting this error: Unable to find the time slot


I have create a Production Plan (PP). While processing the PP when I reached at process/step of Heat Treatment I am getting message when I try to submit it.

Unable to find the time slot in the next 30 days for the operation Heat Treatment.

What must be the problem and how can I correct it?


Yogi Yang

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I am having the same issue. Any solution?

As per my understanding the solution here is to delete the auto generated Job Card and then click on Start in Work Order.

When prompted for quantity to manufacture enter a small quantity as per the capacity of your machine.

Once this is done and necessary material is issued click on the + (plus sign) next to Job Card and create a new Job Card. This Job Card(s) will automatically be create for manufacturing the quantity you had entered after clicking on Start.

This should work.

Another short cut is to go to Manufacturing → Settings.
Under Capacity Planning section tick/check the option Disable Capacity Planning.




This tip worked for me.

I checked the Manufacturing Settings-> Disable Capacity Planning.

Now things are working!!

Thanks a lot.


Yogi Yang

Also works for me, Thanks…