Why are some leads are restrict to other user

We assign lead to user using sales person the lead is show in read only format. they should show in writeable format.

It requires that user must be assigned suitable permissions. Please explore Role Permissions Manager.

  1. Open that User’s account
  2. Suppose he/she has role ‘Sales Person’
  3. If you click, you will come to know what documents that role user is permitted and what actions upon them is permitted.
  4. Now depending on the permissions, if you want all sales person to have permission to write then go to Role Permissions Manager > Select Role ‘Sales Person’ > Select the correct document > tick on Write. This will result in every user having the role getting permissions to edit that document
  5. if you want only a subset of users to edit that document, then create a new role and repeat the above procedure in step 2. Then assign that role to that particular number of users.
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Thank You
I have to given role ASM and this ASM create lead that has edit every field but once they assign lead to other ASM they cant’t edit .

but I have assign lead using sales person .

Do those other Sales People have the same role ‘ASM’ ?

Also, check Workflow if you have setup one for this document

No, Other Have Different Role.

I found solution.
Just change Permission level 0 to 1 and give permission to particular role for Read and Write.

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