Why Attribute value field not appear during item variant creation

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I am sorry, I found it through ‘make variant menu’ in the top right button, but it seems that the process of making variant a bit different with that shown in video tut. How to make it like in “the video tutorial of making variant”?. It is better rather than make it one by one and have to hit the ‘make variant menu’ for every variant to be made.

Or how to input all the value (multiple) for a variant attribute. For example if there are 5 sizes to be made such as XS S M L and XL, just input all the sizes and make all the variants item rather than make it one by one.

Please share ho tow do it



I found that during creation of item variant, (ErpNext local install), the field for entering attribute value does not appear, only appear field for entering the attribute name. This is a fresh install for trial and explore in virtual machine using centos7, Laptop with Win7 as the host.

Please somebody help pointing out what has been causing this or what setting to be done to get the attribute value field appear during variant creation.

I do have seen the video related to item variant creation, it seem quite straight forward and no need extra setting just create the needed attribute and the attribute value.


@bunhin we changed it since you may not want to create variants for all combinations.

You can also bulk create using the Data Import Tool

@rmehta, yes i expect it, that you have changed for anticipating when not need to create all the combinations. If i may ask or suggest please put an option whether to make the combination one by one or at bulk. so keep both method available and useful.

Please consider when user only need to create variation from 1 attribute with many values such as from Size only (or color only) and the value not numerical. for example from size xxs, xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl, xxxl or other sizing values (other attribute type also apply). The bulk method of variant creation really efficient. Just select all the available value and make.

Yes, when there are several attributes (more than 2) and not all values of each attribute needed, bulk method (not import method) is less useful.

In real situation usually user will prefer to generate only from 1 attribute only (or 2 at max), for other other attribute better to use other item template. So please consider to put back the old method and let user able to select.

Sorry if this too much.

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