Why barcode type field cannot be set as unique?

why barcode type field cannot be set as unique? Is there is any way to do it.

Customise the item doctype, barcode field can be set as unique easily.


No, I am asking about type as Barcode


Unique is there for the type barcode also.

Hi @shelteradmin

Thanks, but I am getting this

it’s used to display barcodes it’s stored in database as html svg, so it cant be unique


@JoEz Thanks

Hello JoEz, would be great if you could elaborate how you store barcode as html SVG? Thanks greatly appreciated.****

Did you use something like this?

I didn’t use nothing, Barcode control it’s based on that lib.

You don’t need to do nothing, svg saving is done every time u save Barcode type field

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Ok, got it. Cheers