Why Budgeting is working

I have created budgeting as follows

then i made a purchase invoice that has item as below

purchase invoice look like

But i did’t get any warning from budgeting states that amount is more than planned

i am sure that i have missed some thing but i can’t find i t please help me please

@shahid_khan021 Below are the steps for budget allocation.

Create Expense Account as COGS or Expense.

Create same as a Cost Center.

In the Budget master, select Cost Center. In the Accounts table, select COGS or Expense account and allocate budget.
Please the link below for more information on budgeting. Please check the steps as suggested, meanwhile I will try to replicate it in the test account and revert if this issue occurs.

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I it is important to create a expense account or can i use existing one like Marketing expenses in indirect expenses of chart of account table