Why cany we have leads a s organization centric?

The leads are people centric. Sometimes it is useful to have the leads as organizations and then add as many contacts as possible so that when they eventually become contacts it will have all the contacts alreadt in.

At present it is only allowing one contact

The tags feature can help you, you can add a tag to many leads than are for the same company but to differentes points of contac.

Then you can use the tag to filter all the leads for a single company.

Thanks for replying William.
But then how to combine multiple of them into a customer? When we try to convert it says duplicate client

This is true, but you can create a oponunity and link to the lead, this is not like merge many leads in a single Customer (a Customer can have many Contacts) but you would be be able to track from what lead this aportunity come

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Thanks for the replies william!

ERP Next team

“Leads” should be organization centric I think since while interacting with them there will be multiple contacts and interactions which we want to capture in all one place. Else manually we will have to keep moving leads into contacts by copy pasting. However from there the knowledge is lost of the follow ups.

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