Why child table is rendering over the other data while using print designer app

In below pic, the child table is added to print format using drag n drop

and the content which is behind the table is added using jinja templating language

why the table is coming over the data

also I rendered the table using drag n drop now how can I customize the data ie., I need to get the gst percentage value from item tax template ie., 18 % GST - TAD → 18
so how can write code to the table which is rendered using drag n drop

@Prasanna_Kumar3 jinja text that have has a fixed height that is why it is overlapping.
In design please increase the element’s size ( workaround ) actual fix is available in develop branch for now. please try and share feedback it if you are locally designing it.

for how to update data in table please watch

hi @maharshivpatel,
i watched the video, in the video getting table data is working but after getting the data i need to transform the data suppose if a doctype field value is GST 18 %, i want to display only the value 18 in the print format, so i need to transform “GST 18 %” to “18”

in frappe 14, i used jinja templating language to render the table and also transform the table data so can i do this in this print format, in the video you mentioned just the table data is rendered in the print format and the part where data should be transformed is not shown
so how can i use jinja templating language on table data, is this possible in this print format?

@Prasanna_Kumar3 you can use jinja in print designer as well. feat: jinja rendering for print designer by maharshivpatel · Pull Request #99 · frappe/print_designer · GitHub

@Prasanna_Kumar3 This should be fixed in the latest version. please update and let me know if you face any issues.