Why contextual information is removed from translation files (csv) in version 13?

I am working on a translation task for our erpnext installation (v12).
But as far as I have seen from the discussions there will be a major change in v13.

When I check the files in new beta folders the I see that all translation files have been replaced with totally new ones.

In these files instead of this (version 12.13.0)
DocType: Employee,Salary Mode,Maaş Modu

Now there is:
Salary Mode,Maaş Modu,

another example (in version 12)
apps/erpnext/erpnext/public/js/hub/marketplace.js,Register,Kayıt olmak

now there is (version 13 beta)
Register,Kayıt olmak,

So in both examples the contextual information such as doctype or file path is missing/removed in version 13 beta.

Will there be other csv files or database or anothter mechanism in version 13 that will include contextual information for these translations?
Or these translations will be universal throughout the application?
Or if there is a mechanism, will the contextual info be already provided in the package? or we will need to provide them ourselves from scracth?

Am I missing something obvious?


Yeah, isn’t this a step back.