Why cost center is missing in payment entry

We want cost center in payment entry. but it was not present there. Is there any logic behind it???

Cost Center is needed if you are making any posting in an Income and Expense account.

In a Payment Entry, only receivable/payable account and Cash/Bank account and affected. All these accounts are part of Balance Sheet, hence no need to specify Cost Center for them.

But if there is an Income or Expense Account involves in the Payment Entry, it can be selected in the Deductions table. And in the deductions table, you can select Cost Center as well.

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Can we maintain warehouse wise chart of accounts.Basically we want to print warehouse wise ledger, P/L Account and Balance sheet.

We have 10 branches (Cost Center) under one company. we want different ladger, P/L and balance sheet for each branch (cost center) .

Kindly help…

You can get branch-wise (cost center) P/L and all income/expense analysis. But we don’t tag cost center with asset/liability account, so no branch-wise balance sheet.

Can we manually (Customize) the GL entry and put cost center for every accounting transactions??

Thank You.

Unfortunately no. The accounting and GL is the core of ERPNext. Given it’s critically for the end user, it is not user customizable.

Can You Tell Me how To Create this ?
Thank you!