Why created role NA while creating role profile?

I am now trying the basic tutorial - users, roles and permissions section here. Specifically multiple roles using role profile as told 4:15

It is not clear, if first role profile to be created before role or vice versa, so I assume the logical flow. I created role Test CAM Role (CAM stands for Customer Accounts Manager, I have prefix test to indicate its a test, and suffix to indicate what entity I am testing to stand out clearly in the lists) first.

Then I created Test CAM Role Profile , I am not seeing Test CAM Role in role names. I wanted to select Test CAM Role, Sales User, Sales Manager, but unable to include Test CAM Role.

But when I create a test user Test User (well… ), I am able to see Test CAM Role.

Why is that? Now because Test CAM Role not appearing in Test CAM Role Profile, for each new user of similar roles like Test User, I will have to manually choose roles, unable to make use of Test CAM Role Profile.

What am I missing here?

@Hardik_Zinzu can you also please check?

I need to check this !