Why did I get these error messages when importing new suppliers?

What does this mean?

Import Failed

Error for row (#21) : {“message”: “Could not find Row #1: Company: SERVICES & CHARGES”, “indicator”: “red”}

Error for row (#22) : {“message”: “Could not find Row #1: Company: ITEMS TO DELETE”, “indicator”: “red”}

Error for row (#23) : {“message”: “Could not find Row #1: Company: ABSOLUTE COATINGS INC.”, “indicator”: “red”}

Error for row (#24) : {“message”: “Could not find Row #1: Company: ACME WINDOW COVERINGS”, “indicator”: “red”}

And more of the same.
This is my csv file.

Thank you

Hi @herb,

-Check whether you have created these companies in “Company” master or not.

Thank you for your response. At 12:45 AM Cleveland Ohio USA time I am sleeping so I guess everything will be delayed.
I am new to this and do not know how to program so I want to try to use it as is “out of the box” until I know what needs to be adjusted to my liking.

Do I need to create these supplier companies in “Company” master? Where would I find that process? I downloaded the “supplier template” and inserted data from my own spreadsheet. Maybe I did not use the correct data format somewhere.The last two headings in the import spreadsheet are unfamiliar terms to me. Could I have the wrong information inserted there? What is Party Account, Company, company, Yes, Link, valid company, in the second to last column refer to and in the last column: accounts, Account, account, Yes, Link, Valid Account?
I understand "Error for row (#23) : {“message”: But why "Could not find Row #1:? Aren’t Rows number 1 thru 20 filled with the Templates text instructions? What is Erpnext looking for?
What is “indicator”: “red”}? Sounds like something is going to catch on fire.

Hi @herb, i think the “company” mentioned in the error message refers to the name of the company you created for ERP where you want to upload this supplier list. it does not refer to the company name of the supplier.

Like for example upon setting up your ERP, you created your company name as ABC Company, you have to indicate it in the column “company” in this file for upload. Can you please try… Correct me if i am wrong… Thanks… :slight_smile:


That is it.

Hi @herb!

In addition to the answers, one tip I could give you to have the correct import data is try enterin one line of record via the UI and use the “Download With Data” template to have a guide or basis for correct column entries instead of the “Download Blank Template”. Hope this helps!



@herb: You may want to additionally review the article on the lessons we learned the hard way in our past Data Import projects: Learning from our Data Imports in ERPNext

Thank you. I have been able to import a lot to data now following your suggested methods but recently I have run into a problem that I cannot solve with the item template. I want to update some data. For example, " is purchase or is selling", or" is stock" etc. I download the template with data and then change the corresponding fields but I get errors for “Brand not found” and “reorder quantity not set” for almost all rows. I have even uploaded the data just as it was downloaded and get the same errors. If I manually go into the item and click on the Brand most of the time it freezes or I get an error that there is no such brand. I think the data is corrupted somehow and I do not know how to change it. I can’t delete it because it does not exist or it is tied to an item.

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@herb: are you facing it in the cloud-based version of the system at erpnext.com? I have no clues as for how to help you there … (most probably, some data got somewhat corrupted, for a reason yet to be clarified).

If it were a dedicated instance of ERPNext, I would suggest to create needed Brands first. Then you could do updates as per the purpose you have.

Btw, are you setting the flag to update records during the data import session (rather then insert new ones) when doing your attempts to lead to the error?

Yes it is the cloud-based version and the only flag set is “Do not email”.

When the reorder quantity error appears it includes the phrase “row #1”. This looks like a clue to me because row # 1 is part of the Column headings section of the template, actually the template name, not part of the data section.