Why did posawesome disabled support for erpnext v15

Why did posawesome disabled support for erpnext v15 its only supporting frappe cloud only

Because it’s paid app.

That’s an interesting answer.

I remember personally hearing Rushabh at frappeverse 2023 say that the marketplace apps should be open source (IIRC).

And Youssef said v15 is available on markeplace: Does POS-Awesome work in ERPNext version 15? · yrestom/POS-Awesome · Discussion #441 · GitHub

Also, on marketplace service is offered via contacting Youssef by email, so the question (or just its wording?) of the OP seems to be slightly misaligned with the situation.

I also got the impression that some app’s data on marketplace, in different ways according to the apps, tries to avoid clear information about where the source code can be found.

Maybe there is a nuance or a different decision/tendency I don’t get, but some things don’t seem to really match.

Of course, people try to be at the top spot. Who can blame them.
Marketplace and other venues could become places of fierce competition, which I’d always expect if there is some kind of hierarchy and/or pyramidal system, often hiding behind curators or ratings, etc. (but these also might have a legit side as long as people are honest and with integrity).

It seems to be similar to the well-known “cathedral vs. bazaar” issue. For those who didn’t read this famous and widely acknowledged article of the Linux OS history yet, here’s the page of the original author: The Cathedral and the Bazaar

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