Why did you use ERPNext and not iDempiere or Tryton?

Hello ERPNext-User,

what are the advantages for ERPNext over iDempiere or Tryton?



You serious…? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hi, ich want to compare ERPNext, iDempiere and Tryton.

Did you have compare this three ERP Systems?

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This ERPNext i have many trouble.

" The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Installing Frappe on Linux" isn’t up to date.

I seem find no solution for my problem, nothing tutorials works.

Valid question, not sure why first reply to your post was not constructive.

We cannot give first hand information on iDempiere or Tryton, but looked at both before migrating to ERPnext in 2019 one of our companies.

Eliminated iDempiere as did not want Java dependence.

Liked Tryton a lot as seemed mature, had excellent interface and desktop client.

ERPnext choice was not data driven but anecdotal. Tryton seemed more of a 1 person show, so risk felt greater. Knew another company using ERPnext, but nobody using Tryton, the ERPnext forum was more active.

Do not know if would have gone better with Tryton, will say ERPnext has been functional. Still issues with version control, dependencies, interface, bugs and most important for us not as strong in accounting processes as would like plus some seemingly random limitations and controls. Also, the hugeness of having hotel, education, agriculture, etc. we could care less about is concerning as to added complexity and opportunity for confusion and bugs.

I posted a link in your original thread to a working install process. Maybe try again now.


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Totally agree with this. And it’s the only complain I have with ERPNext:

On one hand, domains make the core grow bigger yet rarely now one needs them all in one installation. Tryton’s focus seems to be the quality of the codebase rather than more features, one of the reasons they forked away from Odoo. >>> Tryton has taken a wildly different path than it's ancestor OpenERP Could yo... | Hacker News

On the other hand, a domain tide to the core (consequently to other domains in the core as well ) prevents it to grow into a product on its own that can compete against peers in the same domain. Compare ERPNext Healthcare vs GNU Health (which is based on Tryton but is a complete product on its own


No solution??

You made it right?