Why do all my suppliers have status Open?


Some of my customers have status Open, others have status Active. I can tell that the ones with status Open have something pending. That seems right.

But all of my suppliers have status Open. And there is nothing pending on any of them. Why is this?

I’m using the cloud version.

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https://github.com/frappe/erpnext/blob/develop/erpnext/accounts/party_status.py sets status for supplier.
Status for supplier depends on ‘Supplier Quotation’, ‘Purchase Order’, ‘Purchase Receipt’, ‘Purchase Invoice’

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Ok. So…

Supplier Quotations: 0
Purchase Orders: 0
Purchase Receipts: 0
Purchase Invoices: 36 (all in status “Paid”)

I tried to see if there was any further processing to be done on the “Paid” purchase invoices but it seems to be the final status. Isn’t it?


Any news on this?
I still don’t understand why all my suppliers are in open status.


Same problem here! But I’ve deleted all the transactions and the status is still open

@nununo @applepipe Looks like it is an issue. We will try to fix it.

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@KanchanChauhan Is there a github issue opened for this? Would like to track it since i get some questions from user on this.

You may track it here: