Why does a company have to be set in global defaults when creating a new customer?

In my use case I have one set of employees that are transacting in ERPNext for multiple companies. Therefore, I do not want to set a Default Company in Global Defaults as the employees are continuously having to do two actions: (1) delete the preset company in the various forms and (2) select the new company. By not setting the default company, the employee has just one action to do which is select the appropriate company straight away.

However, when I remove the default company I have found an error that arises when creating a new customer and more specifically when trying to add non standard receivable account for said customer. I get the following error and I am not able to save the changes:

If I add back the default company then no such error arises. Is this a bug or is there a logic that is enforcing this?

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I agree with this question. More so is the fact that all companies share customer, supplier and items data irrespective of defult company. Hence i think it’s an overkill to force default company when all companies share these same data.

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Yes, me too - properly painful!
I have 2 companies, if none is selected by default then I can see all data, now I have no choice but have half of my users ALWAYS change this when we get to this form.