Why does Frappe not work when there is no network?

Why does frapee not work when there is no network, and prompts that there is no network, is it possible that some components must be connected to the network and can not rely on the network?

At what point does the error message happen (if there is one)?

You say network and network, but I guess you mean “access to the internet” at some places and then “the LAN” (Local Area Network, e.g. your network internal to your enterprise, or even a network segment of an IT lab or a host with several Containers/VMs etc.) at others, correct?

Frappe uses these methods to determine whether you’re connected to a network: Navigator: onLine property - Web APIs | MDN

According to the spec, this can also be a local network. If you’re running Frappe on a local machine without a network, you can enable "developer_mode": 1 through the site_config.json to disable the online check.


Thank you, it should be like this, without the external network to run the project, can only open the developer mode