Why does timesheets have to be connected to a project?

Do timesheets have to be for a project rather than just for a company?

You need a customer with a billable adress.
ist is not needet, to have a project.
we also make tiemsheets on issues.
hope, that helps. best regards

@quintact It isn’t uncommon for companies who operate different shift patterns or use agency workers for those employees to fill in timesheets. Most of the companies I have worked it was a requirement for staff who are paifd hourly rather than salry to fill in timesheets. This would be for general working rather than for a specific project or issue for instance a warehouse operative

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Good question. Maybe create a project by warehouse or by warehouse - shift? So you can track better? Else how would you aggregate time sheets? Project is an aggregator, which gives you a dimension to query in the future and answer questions like, how many hours were paid in shift a,b,c…Hope this helps. And who was charging in those shifts.

@Deepak_Pai It would be good to have a section in HR called timesheets when this is clicked we can see unpaid timesheets. Similar to the invoices section in accounts. When it is paid it would then be beneficial if it creates a payslip or salary slip as you call it which is sent to the employee. This is normal business function and how many operate.

When creating a new employee the company is already selected so this would update the correct chart of accounts. It is useful to have additional options such as project and issue so they can also be assigned to them maybe other ones too such as branch or warehouse etc

To be honest the perfect system would be:

Employer creates a rota
Employee or supervisor confirm attendance
A timesheet is produced as a result of attendance or can just be created as not all staff will have a rota
A payslip is produced as a result of the timesheet

Being able to create rotas for staff is unfortunately missing

Yes my friend. There are many good to haves. :slight_smile: This is probably one of those.

Is it blocking you from running your business? Probably not. Because it is still a nice to have.
As an option, maybe you could start a bounty.

In a perfect system : it would be exactly like you want it. This is not perfect. Because it is asking you to make it perfect by contributing to it.

In your world it in normal to do things in one way. I have never filled a time sheet and don;t plan to :slight_smile:
If my team had to, I would use Timecamp to do it and then integrate it here. :slight_smile: That would be my approach. I can only encourage you to integrate and publish the code so we can all benefit.

Thanks for your initiative. Lead the way, we will follow to your perfect world. PS : Take it in good humor.

Hi @Deepak_Pai I take it in good humour :slight_smile: I would still choose ERPNext over any other system any day. :slight_smile: I know the team are always improving the already great system and these things take time as many people have various wants.

Timesheets are a common thing with the companies I work with and is also preventing me from using ERPNext to totally run my business due to the project field being mandatory as it is with other companies such as manufacturing and warehousing. Maybe it is more common in the UK than other places. I will have a look at the Timecamp integration. Thank you for your advice

Let me know if you wish to collaborate on timesheet (via timecamp) as we plan to use it because our customer wants to.
So we could write the “requirements” jointly and perhaps make it more robust (perhaps we will look at it from more than 1 angle). Direct message me if it interests. PS : I am not a developer but i can help test and validate thinking (be a sounding box). Best

Thank you @Deepak_Pai

When a timesheet is billable and a sales invoice is created. Does the timesheet affect the amount of the invoice?

Also, in the cost box on the timesheet is this for how much you pay your staff ?

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If that question was for me, I don’t know the answer. :slight_smile: need to explore it a bit more. Hopefully next week.

@Deepak_Pai thank you for your reply anyway :slight_smile: the video only shows the back end not the print version

To solve the original problem, there’s an easy way around this.

Customize the Timesheet Document and set a Default project to some Timesheets project that you create. Then hide the field.

That way, every time a timesheet is created it will be assigned to the correct project, and no users will need to worry about it.