Why Field Références parcellaires reference to Item Group Instead of Item?

I have field Références parcellaires and it reference to Item.

But then I want to insert Item, I can see, that this table reference to Item Group instead of Item.
Why it was happened and how I can fix it?

Please check your Item Doctype, is there any Item Group in there?
Because it linked to Item Field

Yes, I see that there exists item group. But how I can make table link to Item doctype without removing Item group in item?

Maybe you mean you want to show row liks series, item code, variant of, item name, etc. on Field Références parcellaires right?
If that you want to achieve, then on Item Doctype (screenshoot 2) open the :small_red_triangle_down: then check the on list view or in grid view

There I want to create a table with Item reference Like that, but instead of Item Group I wanted select my Items