Why gsuite integration deprecated on version-12?

Hi, I am very happy for using gsuite integration to create google docs based on ERPNext fields, and use it very frequently on version-11. I understand that it was deprecated but can some of developer/contributor explain why it should be deprecated on version-12 when it is working fine on version-11?

You refer to simply a fix - your instance may be broken and you need to do a reinstall?

GSuite continues to be supported Google GSuite

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I don’t find any gsuite settings in my integration cards.
The only google settings is


  • Google Drive

Google Services

  • Google Settings
  • Google Contacts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive (this is same Google Drive in Backup card)

Can you help me to point on how to reinstall gsuite integration?

As written in Google GSuite

  1. Go to Desk > Explore > Integrations > GSuite Templates > New

or maybe the docs is not updated, since there is no Explore module in version 12 but integrations can be accessed straight from desk.

“Can you help me to point on how to reinstall gsuite integration?”

I suggest setup a test instance for some trial and error discovery here, then follow the steps as explained in the docs.

For example, after an update and migrate from v11, those settings may not work as expected in v12, and need to be reset.

Hi Clark, your answers are a little confusing.

The integration is not in v12 or v13, checked from new instances.

If I remember correctly, there is a PR where they notify that they are taking it out, but they don’t explain why, which is the main question of the thread.

ok yes indeed thanks for correcting me - @sahil28297 seems to have committed a patch last March that deleted the two relevant doctypes, GSuite Settings and GSuite Templates?fix(GSuite): remove deprecated GSuite doctypes by sahil28297 · Pull Request #9671 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

Yes, thank you for pointing about the PR. Then my question remains.

I’m still sad because I use it very often and it is very helpful for me.