Why i cannot unset the "read only" for field conversion factor?

i have milk that is manufactured, is sent to Production warehouse in liters.
however, milk is then transferred to sales warehouse in Kilograms.
i am trying to move from “production” warehouse 1000 litres , to “sales” warehouse but i want them to be added in “sales” warehouse in Kilograms – with the option to change the conversion factor that varies according to the density of the produced milk every time.

I did answer to your post on other thread but you explain it further here.
Now I understand that you’re trying to change the uom conversation in transaction and not item master, no you cannot do this other wise it will lead to difference in inventory in stock ledger.

I have never tried Transfers with different uom. I think it can only be switched for either sales or purchase maybe transfer is not taken care of in core yet.
Or maybe
It can transfer in different uom to different warehouse but with the same conversion factor coming from item master.

Have you tried changing the conversion factor in item master before making the transfer? Just switch the uom and it will fetch the new conversation factor as per the theory.

Try and let me know.

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the conversion factor once set in the item master remains unchangeable, as you said, until you go and change it in the item master again. however, the case i have, is that i need to change the conversion factor with every batch produced, as it depends on the density of the milk. this would be easily solved if the conversion factor gets its default value from the item master, but may allow user to change it … just like the “edit posting date” in the stock entry