Why I cant see Links in webforms?

I created a webform based on lead, but I cant see the links fields

I think Link is converted to “Select”, so if you have Campaigns, they will show up.

@rmehta, no! The form dont show anything in the position of the link field!

Another point, Labels in “Section Breaks” are not included too!

This macro dont render a Link!

Any clue to I publish a PR?

@max_morais_dmm link is included as a Select.

The Select (of type Link) is hidden if there is no permission.

@rmehta, It dont work! https://erp.gogogoshipping.com/quotation, I have 2 links to Country, and the “Guest” user have rights to read

@max_morais_dmm do you want to debug?

@rmehta, I cant debug it!

It’s failling silent! And I dont have access to this server!

iam facing the same problem :frowning:
is there issue opened for it ?
anything new about it ?

@max_morais_dmm Add the following code at generators/web_form.html inside function render_field

you can put it after select checking :smiley:

{% elif field.fieldtype==“Link” %}

{{ label(field) }}
   <select class="form-control" {{ properties(field) }}>
  {% for option in frappe.get_list(field.options.split("\n")[0]) -%}
  <option value="{{ option.name }}"
     {{ 'selected="selected"' if value(field)==option else '' }}>
     {{ option.name }}</option>
  {%- endfor %}
{{ help(field) }}

That is the best answer @rmehta check this out

Is this fixed for adding linked fields in web pages.

Hello ,
In my doctype i have one link filed …same filed i have to use in web form … so how can i use this in web form …even working is also sames …
can u please help me