Why Insights v1.1.3 and not the latest?

I’m installing Insights as per the instructions on it’s github page.

I’ve installed bench v5.19.0 and Frappe v15.6

When I install Insights with

bench get-app https://github.com/frappe/insights
bench --site insights.test install-app insights

I end up with v1.1.3 rather than the latest 1.2.9

Why is this the case and how can I install the latest version?

use this

bench get-app https://github.com/frappe/insights --branch main

Hello. Follow these steps:

bench get-app insights --branch main

bench --site yoursite install-app insights.

This will install the latest version (2.0.0, it was updated shortly after you opened the post)


I’ve done as you suggested @jls

However see the following
Screenshot from 2024-01-02 09-50-29

Screenshot from 2024-01-02 09-50-00

Even after a

bench --site insights.test migrate

I still only get v1.1.3 in Desk > Help > About


bench --site insights.test uninstall-app insights
bench clear-cache
bench --site insights.test install-app insights

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Okay, I had to restart bench for the Desk > Help > About to reflect v2.0.0 :fu:

Awesome. Enjoy :slight_smile:

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