Why is a customer number not created automatically?


I find it strange that something important like a customer number is not created automatically.
I have then tried to set up the series for the doctype “customer” but it is not working properly. When a new customer is created, the series is not updating automatically. The only thing that appears is the pre-fix of what should be the series.

Help needed. Thank you

@Sabine how did you setup numbering? DId you see Selling Settings?

I just came accross selling settings. Thank you very much. I have now chosen “Customer Naming By” and the series are created. Thank you!!!
I guess customers that were created before cannot be included in the series anymore? They will have no customer number.

Many thanks

Customers predating the Series can have a number in the series, but it has to be done manually. If you click their name, the rename screen will pop up. Just enter the next number in the series, and hit rename. It should work.

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MAny thanks. It worked out perfectly! Saved my day!

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