Why is there no "send to warehouse" option in the ERPNext 13 stock entry type field?

Good day. Where is the send to warehouse option for stock entry in Erpnext version 13? It is not included in the list of stock entry types. Is a different feature in its place?

It has been removed in v13 I think. We have also used in v12.

Thanks for reply. This functionality really needed to implement Erpnext 13. When we make material transfer receiving end need to approve that they actually received items. How can we do it in Erpnext 13? Thank you.

You may tweak the permissions a little bit. They may just save and receiver can submit. You can also create a “Transit Warehouse”.

I’ve looked into it. But finding solution fitting into this issue using this tools I found it bit of mismatch. Why I’m asking for a feature that were available in previous version is because it’s the actually a function for this kind of common scenario. So I wondering why it’s removed? Maybe function transitioned to other part of module I can’t find it.

I am not sure

Thank you for your concern.