Why it can't be search?

There is a field Customer in sales order,and I found that I can’t search the answer I want by customer group or by customer number .

The field only can be search is customer name, the biggest word in in the list.

I don’t know why I can’t search the answer by territory or else field ,please help me~

Try to add customer group ,territory inside ‘search field’ text field


Hi @shraddha , thank you for the information .
I really think that the Search Field of Customer is a bug.
Actually I try to go into frappe/erpnext/blob/develop/erpnext/controllers/queries.py#L79 ,and try to modify code.
But it didn’t work.

Have you ever had the same situation? how did you slove it?

Would you mind creating a github for the issue.

OK , I’ll try it