Why My DocTypes Not Getting Generated in Source Code?

Hello Team,
Yesterday I started a new Project with Frappe Framework, by following the guide.
I set developer mode and then created a few DocTypes, related files were created in Source Code under the App directory. Today I started on the same project by firing “bench start” I made modifications in yesterday’s DocTypes & created new ones, and created a workspace, But none of those are available in Source Code. Also, modifications I made to existing DocTypes are not reflected in the available DocType source code.

How can I re/generate the code for DocTypes & Custom Workspace?

Hi @Hemant_S

  1. Are you logged as “administrator” user?
  2. developer_mode is set to 1?
  3. Uncheck “Custom” on your doctype

Hope this helps.


after uncheking “Custom” did the trick for updating the DocType.

Custom Workspace is still not generated in App.


Workspaces are stored in database, not in code folders.

To “pack” it into an app, use fixtures.
Check this:

Hope this helps.

This Helped me in getting my workspace code generated in code

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I didn’t notice that.

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