Why no Leave Without Pay(LWP) Option in Employee Attendance Tool?

I need to explain why the menu (LWP) does not exist, will it affect the system or structure?

or is there a way to add this option (LWP) in there?

and how do that?


By default, if the employee is marked absent means it’ll consider as Leave Without Pay. And if any employee applied for leave means the attendance will be created automatically for the employee.

on my case, that not autimatically become LWP when i choose absent

must be click on leave menu, to sign emp in LWP status

Does this work? I don’t see the effect. I do see validate_attendance as the checkbox on Payroll Entry, but need to figure out how to make use of it effectively.

actually there is no default mechanism for LoP,validate attendance checks attendance against the no of days ,if it is incorrect then salary slip wont be generated

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Hello @Vari

Did you or anyone here resolve this concern?


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I think the choice is not available (LWP) because the LWP needs a reason or confirmation of a responsible boss