Why Not Actual Qty in Item Master?

I could not achieve to fetch actual quantity to Item Master.
when we enter the Item master , most of us would like to see actual quantity , ordered quantity?
but you cannot see them in item master , only if you enter the item
and in stock balance , there is no ordered quantity ,
I guess ErpNext should make it default to all users to choose those quantities seen in item master.
also selected price list amount (not standart price) would be great.
i saw several topic about it but not actual solution.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the issue or suggestion. This will help us to suggest you a solution.

Of course,

When you enter the customization menu in item master , only min order quantity and total projected quantity is shown , but in most cases we need its current stock quantity (actual stock), ordered quantity .
someone said it can be fetched from bin list but i dont know how and he didnt explain how to do it either (of course he doesnt have to ).

How can projected quantity is in item master but actual stock is not?
Can we fetch such info to master lists?