Why now, yes, NOW! is the best time for you to implement an ERP!

Why now, yes, NOW! is the best time for you to implement an ERP!

Consider the following:

  1. Implementing at ERP is a serious distraction! There are lots of decisions that an organization needs to make, including whether to implement at ERP or not. Each decision makes your people align into opposite camps and they argue endlessly about the merits of going with their approach.
  2. Implementing an ERP is intense! There are many things that riles up people about an ERP. And the ones that riles up people the most - the item master! Your people can argue with each other for weeks over which convention, if any, to follow to assign item codes to your items.
  3. Implementing an ERP is iterative! Most things you do while implementing an ERP is iterative. You will build something and then do a bit of analysis, determine how things are working out and then either build on top of that, or change course and do something else. In an economy on fire, nobody has the time to do any data analysis. In the absence of data analysis there is no changing course and organizations become constrained in just building on what they started with and if they started at a wrong place, that ERP implementation fails.
  4. Implementing an ERP is time consuming. Everything about an ERP takes time. From importing masters, to having long, pointless discussions about whether we need to implement an ERP, to making the entries and to doing data analysis.
  5. Implementing an ERP is boring. I mean it is. Imagine having to document everything, your item masters, customer masters, contacts, addresses, supplier masters. And then having to evolve print formats and report formats. It’s boring yet intense. In a bustling economy, there is so much going on that your people can almost pick what they want to work on. And when they have so many options, guess what, nobody wants to pick up these boring requirements of putting together an ERP system.

So don’t get depressed about the economy. As some wise guy remarked - every crisis is an opportunity. So seize this opportunity and implement an ERP. During a downturn when your people don’t have much to do, give them something that fires them up. Gets them passionate. Involved! Angry even! And get out of their way.

Let them debate, argue and cry themselves hoarse. But at the end of it, you will get something for your organization that you have been wanting to do, but never found the time or the bandwidth to get it done. Now’s the time!

You really need an ERP when the economy is booming because that’s when an efficient supply chain and a delivery mechanism would help you achieve serious upside opportunities.

So while you need an ERP for the boom times, the best time to put one is during a recession driven crisis. Do you have any doubts that we are headed into one?

What ERP should you implement?

  1. It should support your people working at your office/factory. Or working from home!
  2. It should support multiple devices - desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile devices
  3. It should be deployed on the cloud. Or on premises.
  4. It shouldn’t require complex gadgetry (like VPN) for people to work remotely
  5. It should be low cost (remember there is a recession going on).
  6. It should be easily customizable so that it can fit your organization just right!

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You hit the nail on the head Jay - you never fail to find a way to make things work!

Stay healthy.