Why permission with "ALL" doesn't work?


I have one user, and these user is set to Sell Users… in my new DocType, I set on for “ALL” users… but, my user doens’t see the doctype… It’s need to be set “on” for “Sell Users” permissions…

But, if I set for “ALL”, it’s does mean all user? why I need to set for All type users permissions, for example: for administrator, buyer, sell stock and etc… if I set to All, it’s supposed I do not need to set each permission…

It’s my thought is correctly?


Well the permission for ALL does work, if I give rights to “ALL” to edit a doctype then any user who is a SYSTEM USER would be able to edit that document.

Maybe I am unable to understand your original query properly maybe you could send a screen shot and try to re-phrase your query.