Why rest api report return empty result?


I am trying to run General Ledger report via rest API and the result is empty

Can somebody help me?

Thank you

It’s hard to tell what’s happening here just from screenshots, but have you sent the query report the filters it needs to generate output? At minimum, that would need to include company.

Hi Peterg,

Yes even with filters there is no results :

Thank you

Have you tried running that same filter set against the method in the console?

Hi Fredrick,

I am getting same issue.

Did you find solution to this problem? If yes, please share.


Hi Fredrick,

Filters not applied properly in your query…see following query

api/method/frappe.desk.query_report.run?report_name=General Ledger&filters=[[“company”,“Aksum Trademart Private Limited”],[“from_date”,“10-12-2022”],[“to_date”,“31-12-2022”],[“party_type”,“customer”],[“group_by”,“Group by Voucher (Consolidated)”]]